Since 1965 Scamer S.r.l. have been specialising in pipe bending and welding, whichever the pipes and their intended use and can process an extremely wide range of metals: copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, titanium, Bundy and aluminium.

Scamer S.r.l. supplies simple and complex pipes, with welded sections (MIG/MAG/TIG welding and bra- zing) and various types of accessories (fittings, brackets, ring screw fittings, nuts, flanges), in small and medium sized series and from both drawings and customised samples. Products with either fixed or variable radius can be processed, as well as different types of tubes: round, square or profiled section bars, round rods.

We can process pipes and tubes with diameters ranging from 4mm up to 114mm. and of any length up to 6 mt (19.7 feet). Products can be supplied finished including surface treatment (painting, zinc coating, chromium coating, cataphoresis, passivation) as well as completed with marking, tags, labels, sheaths.


Curvatura tubi Scamer

Tube bending

Scamer S.r.l. boasts a long-lasting experience in bending. We specialize in bending tubes and pipes from 4 to 101.6 mm (0.16-4 inches) of…

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Since 1965 Scamer S.r.l. has always been improving the welding department. This is why it can weld an extremely wide range of…

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Scamer offre soluzioni su misura

Customized Solutions

Scamer servizio flessibile in base alle necessità del cliente


Scamer Velocità ed efficienza

Speed and Efficiency

Scamer offre servizi di export

Export Custom


We supply original parts directly to major manufacturers both in the domestic market and abroad in different Industries like passenger and commercial vehicles, railway, industrial equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning, household appliances, power generators, motorcycle.

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Other sectors



Scamer’s unique expertise comes from the automotive industry, which has always been regarded as the flagship of Turin and the Piedmont region. Indeed, this area has been the mainstay of the Italian auto industry for decades, now boasting almost 800 companies and over 80,000 employees, which constitute about 37% of the entire Italian automotive industry.

Scamer S.r.l. started operating in this sector in 1965, standing out for product quality and precision and skilled workforce. Striving for excellence, in subsequent years, Scamer began a process of product diversification. Today, besides supplying the auto industry, the company’s expertise allows production of finished products also for the aviation, furniture, railway, maritime, and military fields, as well as for road transport, wellness, and industrial refrigeration.

Scamer news

A piece of history and a witness to tradition: the MINGORI – Mini Flandre manual tube bending machine

We have recently recovered from a cabinet in the workshop, a true piece of history of our company and of tube bending technology. It is a MINGORI manual tube bender, dating back to the 1960s. The equipment consists of aluminum bending matrices with different radii and diameters, as well as locking blocks. The tool set is completed by suitable bending cradles and mounting spindles.
A dive in our industrial origins, more than 50 years ago. Since then Scamer has been able to evolve by addressing the challenges that the market proposed from time to time, without however losing its identity and vocation as a “boutique” company, specialized in custom products with high added value.
Today, in full development, Scamer continues to invest in technologies and resources to bring its supply standards to the highest levels.

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